David J. Agans

Author, playwright and lyricist

Dave Agans received a B.S.E.E. from MIT in 1976 (with a minor in creative writing - including a class with A.R. Gurney). During his 25 year career in business he has earned a reputation as an entertaining seminar speaker and creative "wordsmith," and has written a popular and funny book on debugging (Debugging, Amacom Books)

His interest in theatre took solid hold after he turned a few joke songs into a full length musical for a company anniversary celebration.

In 1997, his first musical Robot Trouble (as "Robots") was produced by the MIT Musical Theatre Guild for enthusiastic audiences, and actually made money. He is currently developing "Where the Heart Is," a musical about housebuilding and marriage.

Dave Agans is a member of The Dramatists Guild.


Robot Trouble - An original musical comedy about the future

When the Galactic Emperor plans a live broadcast to the entire Galaxy, his nervous Ministers hire a maintenance crew to protect the language translation satellites from sabotage. The members of the crew include a jewel-smuggling captain, a disoriented navigator, a seductive comm officer, a glib service rep and a nerdy technician, all with agendas of their own. Hoova, their unappreciated repair robot (and a close friend of satellite Alpha), decides that the humans are acting irresponsibly and takes matters into his own hands. With help from the satellites and the Ministers' robot servants, Hoova tries to outwit the saboteur, the crew, and even the lonely Emperor. But mistakes are made, and Hoova finds he has to deal with his own shortcomings.

The resulting plot has twists, turns and setbacks, super-villains and masquerades, revolution and resurrection, smuggling, seduction, abduction, abdication and blackmail.

And, of course, a happy ending.

Coming soon: Where the Heart Is - Building a house and a marriage

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