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Welcome to this website!

I live on about 30 acres of land heavily wooded land in Wilton, New Hampshire in the middle of the watershed that supplies Wiltonís reservoir. A permanent stream runs easterly from the southwestern corner across the property. The beavers that live in the stream took up residence just to the east of my property line on my neighborís property. Iím pretty lucky my neighbors are nice and I can visit the beavers anytime although they arenít a sociable as he is. At the head-end of the stream is a natural waterfall where the tumbles about fifteen feet down a natural granite staircase.

My father built Tir na nOg in the early sixties of concrete block. He covered the blocks with stucco and then over the next thirty plus years he painted designs. Along the western wall the Chinese words Fung Shui (literally wind and water refer to a perfect environment) not far away are an Aztec symbol and some stylized flowers brighten the exterior. In the Fall, when the leaves change, they pale behind the brilliant red of a Japanese Maple. Why Tir na nOg? Tir na nOg is a place in Gallic legends where no one ever grows old. My father liked the idea and hence the name for his residence. He always encouraged the small creatures to come and live nearby. Not far from the east wall of the house is a small rise and at the top stands a statue of St. Frances feeding the birds. An acquaintance told me that on her first visit to visit my Dad here at Tir na nOg, as she stood alone outside, a small bird flew to her and then back to the side of the house. It flew back and forth clearly trying to get her to follow. When she did it led her to a dish of sunflower seeds. She picked up a small handful of seeds and the bird flew to her hand to eat them. My Dad died in the winter of 1993 and I have lived and worked here ever since As a Computer Professional.

This site is objected in five topics of content which are: Computer career profile, Art - Design career profile, Contact, Portfolio profile , Community. The site is outlined in the profiles of Tir na nOg with A&D and its further business.

The purpose of publishing of this site has been promoted continually to the public in its area since 1998. It would like to emphasis for the opening to further business development as this time.



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