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In this section there are three pages with named in "Feature", "Event - Forum", "Culture - Forum", "Your Comments" for the purpose of publishing, discussing and comments collection. This section will renew its feature and discussing issue in the certain time. You would be welcome to join us in your comments and discussing for the subjects which you are interested in. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

From Mr. Doug St. Clair,

Since I became ill I curtailed my activities substantially and am no longer actively consulting. I have been engaged in local and state issues involving the disabled.

On the state level, I am working on a new property tax exemption proposal that addresses several problems with the existing process. One of the major problems with the existing process is that if the assessment or tax rate change it requires obtaining signatures for a warrant article and then building support for that article at the town meeting. Addressing statewide change in property tax assessment or rate involves more than 200 warrant articles and town meetings. This is a major obstacle for the disabled and one that HB671 the bill I am championing addresses that issue and a couple others.

If anything on this site stimulates your thinking please write. I am always interested in new ideas and getting a new slant on my existing ones.

* Interest in system safety analysis.
* Interest in free- or open-software.
* Interest in presentations or public speaking.

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