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I have great breadth of experience as a computer professional. Perhaps it is so broad because when my employer asked, "Would you ..." I always said, "Yes." and did it. Of course this has made it difficult for me to answer the question, "What do you want to do?" Heck I don't know. What do you need done? I fit where it involves clear and rapid thinking, finding and solving problems, I am quite possibly your man. I know computer hardware and software to the level I was included in the Cycles For The Millions Committee. This committee was created, in Digital Equipment Corporation, to propose the computer architecture that would follow VAXclusters. On major professional experiences, I have been an instructor (graduate level), a consultant, an entrepreneur, an engineer (Patent Award from Raytheon), a manager and other stuff. Please see my enclosed Resume. Let me tell you about some of the formative experiences in my career.

When I was teaching nuclear, chemical, biological, and conventional weapons designers to perform Systems Safety Analysis I worked with consultants from Mathematical Corporation and learned consulting and analysis.

I have always had a gift for qualitative analysis. I broadened this ability by attending lectures that comprised the core courses from the Stevens Master's Program in Operations Research.

I designed a podium for the Nixon White House and I consulted on preserving backup tapes from the Bush Administration. Public Citizen sued to retain the backup tapes for posterity. Previously each administration's data was deleted when a new president took office.

I found deficiencies in corporate records retention strategy. Company had retained more than five years of backup tapes created with a legacy system that was being phased out. They had treated backups as though they were archives and failed to create a process that ensured the media was readable. They were unaware tape may not be readable after as few as 18 months. They had no plan to ensure hardware and software to restore and employ the data would be available after legacy systems were gone. I developed a viable methodology, to retain the data, which addressed policy, cost, and technical issues.

In 1975, before data mining was fashionable, I designed a study with SPSS to statistically sample invoices line by line. The analysis showed when one product was sold the likelihood another product would be sold on the same invoice. The study found many product pairs that should have been sold together were not. It also found fortuitous sales linkages not predicted by product management.

I have, more than ten years experience, supervising hourly and managing professional staff. At Sylvania, my first assignment was to rescue a troubled program. It was also the single largest contract in our group. I turned the program around and continued to develop and manage programs for government. I was a hands-on manager responsible for Pre-sales support of networks to DEC's Top one hundred customers for six years. I have many more years' experience with influence management of engineering and sales teams when I was an individual contributor.

I was a corporate presenter for more than eight years and a technical lecturer for ten years. I have given formal presentations to groups several hundred. Most of my presentations have been technical. I was ordained and have given sermons too. In any environment, I am considered knowledgeable and humorous. The longest single speaking program was eight hours a day, five days a week, for six weeks. I'm not proud. I could do it again.



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