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Following the list of portfolio as below for the samples of work have done by the past time. Please read the descriptions and click on the each of titles or the thumbnails for more detail.

The topic is Debunking Myths of Distance Learning. Distance Learning - no matter how promising- is still a dirt road to be smoothed broadened paved before it can become the highway you desire.
The portfolio in the engineering, management, technical writing, training, digital art, web design, art, fiine art, and the other fields. For visiting please click on Consulting
The portfolio in the digital graphics. For visiting please click on Digital Art
or Studio Index
The portfolio in the web designing. The design type includes content site design, image site design, eB2B site design, eB2C site design. For visiting please click on Web Design
or Studio Index
The portfolio in the fine art fields such as painting, photography, ceramics, etc. For visiting please click on Fine Art
or Studio Index
The portfolio in the fields of system safety analysis, free- or open-software, presentations or public speaking; art and culture evolution study, art theory study; etc. For your comments please check the section of Contact. For visiting please click on Forum
Information for Contact Issue

For your consulting projects, please contact the information as below.

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P.O. Box 878
Wilton NH 03086
Tel: 603-654-9321, Fax: 603-654-5440
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